Frank Houben | KLM


Frank Houben’s career at KLM started in 1998.  From chairing various management positions at the company, he moved into global branding field in 2009. Frank is a pioneer in his field with a clear vision leading towards success.

Throughout the years he redefined KLM’s brand strategy and values and introduced a new corporate identity. Thanks to innovative marketing and branding campaigns under his lead, KLM achieved a prominent position as a social brand.  Frank is responsible for internationally awarded creative brand campaigns such as “Tile & Inspire” campaign (Delft Blue aircraft), “Be My Guest” (meet & seat), “KLM & Miffy in China”, “KLM Space Experience”,  “KLM Planes” (in partnership with Disney), “KLM HappytoHelp”, “KLM Bluey” and “The Orange Experience” (in partnership with Heineken). His latest achievement is the introduction of the new KLM World Business Class & new Economy Class (in partnership with Hella Jongerius) and the redesign of the new KLM Crown Lounge at Schiphol, opening November 2017 (in partnership with Concrete) . Recently Frank is nominated as one of the most inspirational marketeers of the Netherlands (Tijdschrift voor Marketing).